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1 More Thing Podcast #003: DJ Storm

December 13, 2022 Dave Columbo Jenkins Season 1 Episode 3
1 More Thing
1 More Thing Podcast #003: DJ Storm
Show Notes

This month's episode of the 1 More Thing podcast sees Dave Columbo Jenkins linking up with another certified pioneer of the jungle drum & bass movement for a deep and meaningful conversation. It's the one and only DJ Storm!  

Currently in the midst of celebrating 30 years at the forefront of the culture, Jayne Storm takes the time to reflect over her career,  explore her strong sense of community and relish in her love for the nerdiest, most intricate details of the DJ craft. 

From her time on the pirates and her longstanding partnership with the late great Kemistry (RIP) to the ever-changing landscape of the genre via her role and influence on drum & bass institution Metalheadz, Storm goes super deep on this one. 

Complete with quotes and contributions from other longstanding drum & bass jungle pioneers Marc Mac, Fabio & Grooverider, Loxy and J Majik, this is an interview unlike any other DJ Storm has ever done before. 

If you're catching this fresh, you can witness Storm's on-going 30 year celebrations at Alchemy on December 23, E1, London as she's joined by some of her nearest, dearest and most influential peers. 

If you're catching it after that date, don't worry. This is a timeless piece of history that reinforces DJ Storm's role in the thick of that crucial first generation of artists who dug the foundations for everything that has followed. Get to know!

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